M.I. Hummel Club

For more than 80 years hand-crafted M.I.Hummel figurines bring joy and unite M.I.Hummel collectors and enthusiasts around the world.

The M.I.Hummel Club in Europe was founded on June 1, 1989. Each Club year starts on June 1 and runs to May 31 of the following year.

Join the Club and be part of this great family of collectors!

As a member of the M.I.Hummel Club you participate of the following advantages:

  • Four exclusive magazines with interesting articles
  • Information on M.I.Hummel Novelties
  • Information on Club activities, painting demonstrations, etc.
  • An exclusive M.I.Hummel figurine per year with certificate of authenticity-guaranteed “Made in Germany”. A figurine which is only available to Club members and cannot be purchased at any retail store. Your annual Club figurine for 2016/2017 is Hum 2371 “Always Growing” (11 cm; value: 169 Euro)

M.I. Hummel Club Membership Brochure
M.I. Hummel Club Membership Brochure

Contact our Club office with questions and requests on M.I.Hummel figurines:

M.I.Hummel Club
Coburger Strasse 7
96472 Roedental

Phone: +49 9563 7529333
Email: club@mihummel.de

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2 thoughts on “M.I. Hummel Club

  1. I was for 10 years in the club.
    after closing the manufacturig I don’t receive anything more.

    We was in Roedental in 12 years ago but I was also in Club.

    wich action is required to be a menber now?

    please write to: Lunanord@yahoo.it

    With best regards

    Moretto Laura Lucia

    Milan Italy

    1. Dear Mrs. Moretto,
      thanks for your request and interest of a membership in the M.I.Hummel Club.

      To become a member again please open the M.I. Hummel Club Member Brochure by clicking the picture in the article above, fill in the details and send it to us.
      There is also the possibility to contact our Club office in Roedental via phone or E-Mail.

      We are looking forward to welcome you as a club member again.

      Best regards
      your team of the Hummel Manufaktur

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