Introducing “Bedtime Story Please”

What toddlers doesn’t love being lulled to sleep by the gentle cadence of a nursery rhyme? What youngster can resist the enchantment of a fairy tale, priming the imagination for dreams to come?

For many children around the world, bedtime begins with the opening of a book. There’s no more special moment shared between parent and child than snuggling together, turning pages, and fantasizing faraway worlds and mythical characters.

With a rich tradition of children’s literature as inspiration, we’re proud to introduce this adorable M.I. Hummel child getting ready for bed, companion to “No Bed Please”. We’re sure you’ll agree, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a spellbinding tale to send them happily off to dreamland.

“Bedtime Story Please”
10,5 cm / 4.25 inches

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