In loving memory of Natascha Nelson

In loving memory of Natascha Nelson

Natascha Nelson sadly passed away on March 3, 2017 at the age of 67. In the mid-1980s, when the idea of the M.I.Hummel Club also developed in Europe, William (Bill) Nelson played an important role in building the European part of the club. Natascha also discovered her passion for the M.I. Hummel figurines and was involved with great commitment from the very beginning. Her words were always encouraging to our M.I. Hummel club members and collectors. Over the years, many friendly ties were also “knotted” with the M.I. Hummel Club employees, colleagues as well as Bill’s superiors. We would like to say: “Thank you Natascha for almost three decades of ‘hummely’ support”. We had the chance to get to know Natascha as an adorable person and will always keep her an honorable memory.

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One thought on “In loving memory of Natascha Nelson

  1. Thank you for this wonderful memory – it helps us to remain strong. We are happy that Natascha was loved by so many – and the feelings were mutual.
    We miss her already.

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