Hope – a new series to be announced in Europe in 2017

Gift of Hope is a sweet child holding a bouquet – purple flowers with one bright red heart in the center , to match the bouncing bow in her hair.

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with the Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V., the German Breast Cancer Association, which supports early detection, better diagnosis and improved treatment options. A portion of European Sales of the Hope series will benefit this respected organization.

Beitragsbild HUM 2377 "Herzallerliebst"

In Europe the Hope Series has its start with a colorful newcomer for 2017, whereas in the US the beloved series continues for more than ten years now. Like all the Hope Series figurines, Gift of Hope is designed to be an inspiration and motivation for anyone who`s been touched by breast cancer. A portion of the proceeds in the US supports the vital breast cancer research and education efforts of National Breast Cancer Foundation – an association similar to the Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V. For over a decade, more than $108.611.77 has been donated through the Hope Series figurines in the US so far.

HUM 2377

As a boost for patients and caregivers, or in memory of  loved one, Gift of Hope represents a much-needed ray of sunshine. What a wonderful way to lift some spirits in the New Year.

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