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When winter is on the run and a new season is ready to blossom, most everyone feels like celebrating. Festivals are held throughout Germany to herald the arrival of springtime, from Munich to Stuttgart to Nurnberg. Rivaling the merriment of Oktoberfest, these celebrations feature music and dancing, traditional food, flowing beer, carnival rides and other fun.

Among the most interesting regional customs common in springtime is Goasslschnalzen, a loud and rhythmic cracking of whips, performed in unison. Goasslschnalzen developed in centuries past as carriage drivers used elaborate whip cracking to announce their approach. Although the carriages are gone, the custom remains with concert-like performances of whip cracking. Goasslschnalzen and has even become a competitive sport in Bavaria. In the Alpine region near Berchtesgaden, the custom is known as Aperschnalzen. It takes years of training to perfect the technique so that all whips are cracked in the same rhythm, with sounds generated by quickly changing the direction of the whip. Some believe the custom had pagan origins and the loud noise was intended to drive away winter. Two new M.I. Hummel figurines welcome springtime and honor the tradition of festival going as they joyfully set off for a traditional celebration.

„Festival Journey“ has a big pretzel to munch on as she enjoys her day. And „Festival Tradition“ is an M.I. Hummel lad bringing along his whip to participate in the typically Bavarian pastime of Goasslschnalzen. It’s not easy to find a performance of Goasslschnalzen outside Germany, but there are Bavarian Clubs throughout the world bringing the tradition to life. If you’re ready to welcome spring, why not have a celebration of your own with one of our newest and most festive M.I. Hummel figurines. Have fun and get cracking!

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