Entrepreneur from Kulmbach, Germany, rescues Hummel figurines

The German entrepreneur Bernd Förtsch takes over the famous brand of tradition, Hummel Manufaktur in Rödental, Germany. The company had to file for insolvency again in November and will now be reestablished from scratch. The enterprise will stay at its present production site in Rödental. Most of the staff will be kept. The new owner will focus on a completely different marketing concept. “Neither production nor the figurines were part of the problem over the past few years,” states Bernd Förtsch.

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The new M.I. Hummel Annual 2017 – Hum 2384 „Angel Of Faith“

“Angel of Faith” is the 2017 Annual Angel figurine. But we’ve done something special for you this year because not only is Angel of Faith the new Annual Angel, it’s also the first one within a mini series of 3 angel figurines. The mini series is called the “Three Divine Virtues”: Faith – Love – Hope! Continue reading “The new M.I. Hummel Annual 2017 – Hum 2384 „Angel Of Faith“”


This little boy, out for a ramble, has come upon a surprise visitor! Summertime Surprise was sculpted in 1980 by Gerhard Skrobek, and the 5¾“ size has been waiting in the wings as a PFE (Possible Future Edition) ever since. We’re proud to release it as a special Club Exclusive Figurine in honor of the 10th Anniversary of Skrobek’s passing and to commemorate what would have been his 95th birthday.  Continue reading “A NEW SKROBEK FIGURINE DEBUTS”