Berliner Blechschild Manufaktur 1904 GmbH

The original since 1904

A ‚Blechschild’ is a decorative 3D embossed tin sign. Variations on the product can have many other uses and applications. Ever since the company was established in 1904 and have been offering high-quality tin signs and other products to a wide range of industries.

The tin signs use nostalgia-themed art to evoke the quality and reliability of yesteryear, resulting in unique, modern promotional tools.

The company have produced over the decades more than 2,400 iconic images from brands such as: Alfa Romeo; BMW; Coca-Cola; Dr. Oetker; Guinness; Langnese; Maggi; Martini; Nestlé; Opel; Peugeot; Schweppes; Volkswagen and many, many more.

All signs are manufactured to the highest quality using environmentally-friendly techniques and inks. They are produced in Berlin and therefore “Made in Germany”. Similar to what Hummel Manufaktur with the wordwide famous brand with over 80 years of Tradition.

In the partnership project we selected 8 traditional and classic Hummel motifs for the development of tin postcards:

Blechschild Nachtwächter
Hear Ye! Hear Ye!
Blechschild Hummele10-95
Blechschild Herzjunge Valentine Joy 10-950-06-1
Valentine Joy
Blechschild Hab dich gern
Valentine Gift
Blechschild Geborgen, Mädchen_Umbrella Girl10-950-03-8
Umbrella Girl
Blechschild Geborgen, Junge_Umbrella Boy10-950-02-0
Umbrella Boy
Blechschild Eilbote_Postman10-950-01-2
Blechschild Das große Ereignis_Blessed Event 10-950-04-6
Blessed Event

Each tin postcard will be delivered with envelope and adhesive hanger. The size of each postcard is exactely
5.75 x 4.00 inch.

You can write a personal message on the backside of each postcard and mail it! The person who will get it, will be more than happy for the personal and extraordinary gift.

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