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An Artist`s Legacy

Maria Innocentia Hummel – a name known to millions of people the world over!

She became known to the world as the marvelously gifted artist whose sketches, drawings and paintings have become the inspirations for the three-dimensional and bas-relief renderings of her work created by the superlative team of sculptors, artists and artisans at Hummel Manufaktur.

Born in 1909 in Bavaria, it did not take long for her creative talents to become apparent.

When she was 18 in 1927, Berta Hummel enrolled at the Munich Academy of Applied Arts.There she met two sisters of the Franciscan Order from the Convent of Siessen, located in the state of Wuerttemberg. Drawn by this friendship, comforted by the thought of a peaceful convent away from the growing turmoil in Germany, Berta made her decision and entered the convent in 1931. Upon taking her vows she took the name Maria Innocentia.

In order to help raise revenue she received permission to exhibit and sell some of her art. It wasn’t long before her charming postcards depicting children, both those who were now coming into the convent garden to play, came to the attention of Franz Goebel. The fourth-generation owner and head of the company bearing his family name was in search of inspiration for a new line of figurines – and here it was. He explored the possibilities of recreating these two-dimensional representations into three-dimension. Introduced in 1935 at a major international trade show, the first figurines were on their way to the tremendous success that has been theirs ever since.

The life of the remarkable woman, Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel, ended much too soon, when she was only 37. In November 1946, succumbing to tuberculosis, Sister Maria Innocentia Hummel died. But her spirit still lives in the shining, exuberant ceramic odes to life, brilliantly transformed into three dimensions for the world to enjoy.

Collectors and admirers all over the globe agree that the artistry and quality of authentic M.I.Hummel products are beyond compare.